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How to pass a Labcorp urine test

Publié le 12 Avril 2017 par AndrewHenriquez

How to pass a labcorp urine test

How to pass a labcorp urine test

You will be drug tested in Labcorp soon you must be completely freak out. No need! Its much easier to pass a drug test then you would ever think. There are two kind of drug test, supervised test (when someone is standing behind you and watching while you are peeing) or unsupervised (you  are alone in the room and no one check whats going on inside, this is where synthetic urine is recommended). labcorp urine tests are mostly unsupervised, but I will cover both option, just in case.

How to pass a supervised drug test

Supervised drug tests are obviously trickier, but still easy to pass. 99% of drug tests are urine test so I will talk about passing a urine drug test. What I suggest:

  • Stop using marijuana or any other drugs
  • Eat healthy, fiber rich foods
  • Do no smoke or drink alcohol
  • Try to do exercise and sweat as much as possible

This is just the basic, its obviously no enough to pass a drug test. There are two options:

Detox drinks:

  • Mega clean
  • Rescue Cleanse

Detox pills:

  • Toxin Rid

Detox drinks deont really detox you, it coats your kidney so toxins won’t be visible in your urine. It start working after one hour and you stay „covered” for up to 5 hours. Both detox drink for drug test work perfectly. Its a reslatively cheap and safe option, I can recommend it to anyone.

Toxin Rid detox pills give your real detox. But it costs more and take much longer to achive your goal. For regular marijuana users 7-10 days cleansing program is recommended. If you are a hardcore drug user, than 10 days might wont be enough, you can purchase additional capsules to your program. The drawback of using Toxin rid is it takes long and its very expensive. These detox pills starts from 70 and goes up to 200 USD depends on the lenght of the program, but once again, this is your only chance if you want to be permanently clean. Toxin Rid work and beside naturally detoxing your body (it might can take 2 months!) its the only solution.

Fake urine belt

You can also use synthetic urine with a device called the „whizzinator”. Its a very realistic fake dick, you can hold it in your hand so your superviser will think that you actually pee. The synthetic urine starts flowing when you squeeze the tip of your fake penis .I wouldnt call this the safest option and its probably not for everybody, but it definately work.

Synthetic urine for supervised drug tests

If the test is supervised then you are lucky. I bottle of Quick Fix 6.1 or Sub Solution will do the job. It comes with urea, uric acid and 11 other chemicals, to make it look like real urine.It doesnt require preparation, no need to eath healthy, exercise, drink lots of water...any of these annyoing bs methods. Just mix your synthetic urine powder with luke warm water, add the heat activator and you are good! You have the perfect fake pee for drug test. One thing you should keep in mind that it must be on the right temperature. Sub Solution comes with a thermometer so you can check the current temperature of your fake pee.

If you have time to order then I suggest sub Solution because its the best synthetic urine on the market. Like I said above, it comes with heat activator so you dont have to use microwave or any other heating method, it makes everything quite easy.

Synthetic urine for LabCrop urine test

People often ask me „can you use synthetic urine for lab test?” The answer is yes you can, I had a labcorp urine test a couple of weeks and I passed it with flying colours.

This is why its important to use hhigh quality synthetic urine. Some are just yellow colored water and those probably wont fool the system, some of these low quality fake urines:Magnum,Urine Luck,U pass,X Stream.

Do NOT buy these brands, non of them are safe. Sub Solution comes with 10+ chemicals included urea and uric acid. Without those ingerdients it wont pass the test.

Best Synthetic urine for drug test

Like I said earlier, Sub Solution is hands down the best synthetic urine available in 2017. But of course quality comes with a price, its also the most expensive one, it costs 75$ which is not a huge amount if your job is on the line. My Second recommended brand is Quick fix. Make sure you buy the latest version which comes with urea, do not buy these synthetic urines on ebay or amazon.Some might be expired or simply fake. My third and last recommendation is Testclear”s real human synthetic urine. Its bascially clean powdered human pee, you have to mix it with luke warm water and heat it to the right temeperature.

Thats it guys,I think I covered everything is this article, if something isn’t clean, feel  free to message me or comment below.

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